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🌈 Emmie 🌈

It has taken us a few days to digest this news but we feel it’s now time to share it with you all.

Our beautiful Emmie has passed away πŸ’”

After almost a year to the date of her arrival with us she passed away with her family after am extremely fast illness took hold πŸ₯Ί

Emmie is a lady we will never forget. She arrived with us with her ears disappearing from cancer. She was extremely matted, emaciated and endured cruelty and neglect for years, but even through all that she was a lady…a sassy lady at that πŸ‘‘

Emmie stole the hearts of her family, her fosters and our followers and we can’t thank you you all enough for the group effort it took to transform her into the beautiful affectionate Angel she was ❀️

Emmie is the perfect example of how not to ignore that animal that looks sick, or sad or neglected. They can’t speak, they can’t alert us. Emmie needed help and it took one person to take notice and get her to safety and for that we will always be grateful πŸ™πŸ»

Emmie we will never forget you….EVER πŸ‘‘

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