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🌈 Tia 🌈

We don’t even know where to start with this 😞

Today we lost our precious Tia 💔

Our only option left to figure out what was wrong with Tia after her imaging was to open her up. She was riddled with cancer, she didn’t stand a chance. We are truly heartbroken 💔

We knew something wasn’t right but we also thought that it wouldn’t be anything too sinister or she wouldn’t be with us. It just proves to us how strong she was and how eager she was to live. She didn’t want to die, we didn’t want to lose her and she is gone. We are angry, upset and so sad for Tia 😞

After we let Tia go today we watched a family come into our vets with a litter of unusual full bred puppies likely to be sold to anyone willing to pay the high price. Tia was a Eurasier a very unusual breed, only 4 years ago she was a tiny puppy in the same position starting her new life. Bought and left to live in a yard, starving, with living conditions that should be illegal. We are just heartbroken, and as you can imagine Tia’s foster mum Danielle is distraught. Danielle’s dedication not only to Tia but to FOR is something we can never repay her for. Danielle is from Newtownabbey but Tia attended weekly appointments in Derry. Nothing was ever a problem. Whether it was food prep, medication or just love, it was there in abundance. Tia only lived this long because of Danielle and her care, compassion and love ❤️

The only comfort we can take is that in the time we had with Tia, she learnt how to live a life without pain, she learnt how to be a dog. She learnt to love and be loved. She learnt how to lie on the sofa, get loads of cuddles, steal cat food and love her foster family. So much so that we know she would have wanted to stay forever. She was the sweetest soul, always greeting with a tail wags and a big slobbery blue tongue. A complete Earth angel that deserves so much more 💔

Lastly, but not least, we want to mention again ‘our Rosie’ the most amazing vet nurse who cared for Tia and many others. Rosie has a very special way especially with the special cases. We tied in all Tia’s appointments when Rosie was on and she was always so chuffed to see her improve. Today was no different and Rosie was there to hold Tia’s paw while she passed over the rainbow bridge. We can’t offer much to anyone who helps us but what we can say is how much they mean to us, and Rosie is so special to us, we just simply couldn’t function the way we do without her and we know Tia felt the same ❤️

We made sure Tia’s story was heard and seen around the world. With donations arriving as far as Texas. You were heard… you now and always Tia 🌈

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