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- Arnold -


These two skinnys are Arnold and Aggie. Yet another couple of greyhounds discarded by the racing industry 😡

We wish more people would understand that greyhounds are the same as any cockapoo or labradoodle, they are not a money making commodity. They have the same feelings and emotions as any kind of breed and are just as deserving of love warmth and comfort as any other dog on the planet 🐶

Arnold is your typical goof ball and full of the joys of spring. He’s covered in pressure sores, has lost part of his tail and just lost his nuts but yet it hasnt dampened his mood in the slightest. He is described by his foster as a little cheeky, bouncy and full of love. He is the happiest chappy and we’re now used to updates along the lines of “Arnold’s great. Arnold’s just Arnold.” Black greyhounds often have to wait a little longer, but this mans a real character, a silly sausage that will be ready brighten someones life very soon ☀️

Greyhounds are gentle, quirky, surprisingly lazy and make the most amazing pets. These two are both approximately 6 or 7 years old so they are a little later in starting their life, but they are safe now and learning how to dog with their wonderful foster. 🐶

They initially found comfort from each other when first rescued, but have since found their own way to do things and will be REHOMED SEPARATELY when the time is right 🙂

✔️ They can live with dog savvy kids ✔️ They can live with other dogs ❌ They cannot live with cats or small furries

Please get in touch if you want to offer one of these love bugs a forever home 🏡

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