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- Koda -

In the words of her amazing foster family ⬇️

Koda is a big gentle giant who doesn’t realise her size, she’s so loving and affectionate. Really gentle, well mannered, doesn’t snap treats, she can sit and give the paw, she’s house trained, she adores wee mollie (Staffy foster sister) she probably could live alone, but think she thrives with company of other doggy’s, and I think that helps if say someone is working or she is being left for any period of time. We don’t know what she would be like on her own while someone’s working, but with dog company it’s helped 🐾 I would say maybe someone who has experience of bigger breeds, maybe not essential but probably would help, as she is a strong girl, who likes to hold the lead while walking, but walks quite well on a lead - though a bit pulley. When she has the lead in her mouth she walks as proud 🤣

Really gentle with Grace (aged 9) but she is a bull breed kinda kiddo so that prob helps 😎

She loves a good belly rub but sometimes gets a bit mouthy but with absolutely no intentions of nipping or biting. She’ll make someone an amazing addition to their family, she really is a big dote ❤️

Please get in touch to offer Koda a home 🏠

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