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Our beautiful Sharpei mix Mabel has been adopted 🤗

Mabel came to us after being passed about as a pup. She wasn’t well socialised, wasn’t sure how to play and overall was just a rambunctious big lump of love that just needed to find herself the right home 🏡

As soon as she arrived with us, it was clear Mabel was a special girl. Lovable, stubborn, clever, misunderstood, but above all else just a big dote. She just needed love and patience, which was provided by the bucketload from her foster mum 💗

Mabel was in our care for quite a long time and we were starting to wonder if we would ever find the right family for her. But when she moved foster home, it was clear we had stumbled right upon it 🙏🏼

Mabels new family were amazed at just how well she instantly fit in. She literally just rocked up and made herself part of the furniture. They were all instantly head over heels and we just knew they were her people. We couldn’t be happier for her 🥰

Good luck in your new forever Mabel, the best homes are always worth the wait ❤️

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