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- Miley -

A couple of months ago this wee soul was found in the middle of nowhere presumably dumped. She was matted, dirty and terrified💔

Miley is only a 7 or 8 month old collie who is now spayed and her medical work is complete. She has been doing her best not to be scared of life in general in foster, and although she has made a lot of progress since she first arrived with us, she does have a bit to go yet and we think its best that she does this in her new home 🏡

Miley would be best in a settled home. Although she is gentle, she is sensitive to loud or sudden noises and actions so would be best in a home with children who are 12+ and understanding enough to give her plenty of space. We are looking for someone who is home most of the day to help her development and as she is most comfortable in their presence it is essential that there is at least one other dog in the home ✔️

This sweet wee girl has had a tough start to life and she just needs to learn how to be loved. Her amazing foster family have been great with her, and her progress has been amazing, and all she needs is some more patience and kindness in order to blossom 🌸

Please get in touch if you can offer Miley the loving home she deserves ❤️

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