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- Molly -

This little pet is Molly and she is a 5/6 month old spaniel mix 😍

Molly has found herself homeless for the second time in her short little life, but it’s for the last time that’s for sure 😡

Molly is enjoying the company of her doggy foster sister Lady and although she has yet to learn to share it will come….she is only a baby 😌

So many people expect so much from young dogs and it’s really unfair. For example in regards to house training we were once told "he just goes in the house anywhere he wants…it’s like he doesn’t know what to do" so the comparison in human terms is this: Did your child know to use the toilet automatically or is that something you have to teach them?….penny drops 🙄

Everyday's a school day 😆

Please get in touch if you can offer Molly a forever home 🏡

Welcome to the clan Molly, you are so very welcome ❤️

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