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- Mr Boots -

This little man is Mr Boots and he joined us over a month ago but has been having surgery and receiving treatment up until last week.

Unfortunately Boots arrived at one of our adoptees houses looking very worse for wear. Clearly having been straying for a long time we got him up to our vets and being an entire male we done bloods and tested him for FeLV and FIV and unfortunately he was FIV positive. He also had gingivitis and needed to have an emergency dental after his meds and steroids finished ✔️

Boots is a healthy, happy affectionate big fella with a great quality of life. His FIV doesn’t hold him back in the slightest. The only thing that this obviously hinders is his ability to be outdoors or live with other cats (can live with other FIV positive cats). Otherwise he will make a fabulous pet 🥰

Please don’t be put off by Boots medical history, he doesn’t need anymore vet work and has been signed off as a healthy man. You won’t regret it ✔️

Please get in touch to offer Boots a home 🏡

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