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Skylar - ADOPTED

Our beautiful Skylar has been adopted 🤗

Skylar initially came to us from the pound, she was very shut down and scared but since then, and thanks to her amazing foster she has blossomed 🌸

Although still a shy and timid gal, she is, as many of you will remember, fond of an adventure. Hopefully her exploration days are now behind her and she can enjoy the quiet life in her new home 🏡

Skylar, now called Willow, lives with her new Mum and Dad and fur sister Bailey who actually were some of the volunteers that helped out in the search for her. Little did we know then that it would turn out they are her perfect fit, and when they finally met her along with Bailey it was just meant to be 🥰

Best of luck in your new forever home beautiful girl, you so deserve it ❤️

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