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Welcome Bella

This little sweetheart is Bella and she is a 1 year old JRT 😍

Bella is the cutest wee angel, she will belly crawl up to you looking for kisses and hugs. Just a real loving little nugget that you want to snuggle forever 🤗

Bella has had all her outstanding medical work done and she is foster recovering from her spay surgery. She has a slight skin irritation that is also being treated. During her MOT it was established Bella has two grade 4 slipping patellae, this is very common in the breed but only something we will be able determine what to do with on foster assessment. She is only 7kg which isn’t a big weight so we are hoping it will be a management issues as she gets older as opposed to surgery 🙏🏻

To help our rapidly growing vet bill we would really appreciate your help. Please contact our vets Vets4Pets Crescent Link in person or via phone or 02871314420 or click our PayPal link below ⬇️

Welcome to the family Bella ❤️

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