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Welcome Benny

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This wee cloud is Benny and he is a 9 year old Bichon

Little Benny has awful red sore skin, as well as being very bloated so we are doing a wee bit of investigating 😞

Benny's family told us that he always got the best of food (never any scraps from the table) as he always had sensitive skin so please be mindful of your comments as it was difficult for the family to surrender Benny to us. Thankfully once we confirm the issue there is lots of medication that allows him to live a healthy normal life once the correct dosage is established ✔️

Little Benny just adores his foster mum and furry foster brother Beau. We are hoping for the best for this man because he is such a sweet wee pooch 🐾

Welcome Benny ❤️

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