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Welcome Eric

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We don’t even have the words….


This boy was rescued by a lovely friend of ours who got him safe, got an immediate vet check then brought him to ourselves and we are so glad she did ❗️

He is what cruelty and neglect looks like….his life has been shit and it’s all because a human decided it. He can’t talk, he can't say he is sore, itchy and in constant pain. He relies on his family to help and look after him. He should NEVER have had to endure this. He is 4 years old…..

His skin is raw, red and green with infection. His legs and face are swollen and he is constantly sore and itchy. His eyes and ears are so infected. He hasn’t been living, he has been existing…and miserably existing ❗️

He is now named Eric and true to English Bull form he is a gentle angel, which just makes the whole thing even worse. He doesn’t expect much, he doesn’t need much, he just needed heard and now Eric my dear, you have been heard loud and clear and we will shout your story from the rooftops, not only for your life but for any others out there silently suffering because people choose not to listen.

We are your voice 🐶🔊

He reminds us so much on our EBT Milah who we lost earlier this year. We believe she helped him find us ❤️

Eric has a long road ahead with extensive treatment so we are appealing for any help funding his medical work. Everything is greatly appreciated, check out the Donate page to see all the ways you can help.

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