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Welcome Jack

This little guy is Jack and he is a 2 year old JRT who is in awful shape bless him 😞

Unfortunately this wee man was a victim of unintentional neglect. His owner was very elderly and unable to care for himself let alone a dog and his health issues declined, leaving him in the state he is in, until a kind person stepped in to help and the elderly man was extremely grateful 🙏🏻

Jack has an awful skin condition and he is in terrible pain as you can imagine. His wee nails have curled into the pads of his feet too which left him unable to walk properly. So we have started him on some medication and skin care to get this under control ✔️

He has settled so well into his JRT loving foster home complete with former FOR dog Shaun 🐶

As always all of our animals with medical conditions create a huge vet bill so please if you can help, contact our vets Vets4Pets Crescent Link in person or via phone on 02871314420 or click our PayPal link below ⬇️

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