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Welcome Jilly

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Yet again we just don’t know what else to say….


This poor dote, again with a serious skin condition in agony and not being heard. She is so shy, so sweet and not a bad bone in her body. She doesn’t deserve this. She has been bred quite obviously a number of times and her wee body is just falling apart….she isn’t even an old girl, she has endured awful neglect during her young life which is just appalling 🤬

Thankfully she made her way to us and now she is being treated. Our vets and vet nurses fell in love with her as have her foster family. She is a joy, so grateful, so precious. She deserves the world and more ❤️

We will do that for her. Her journey is just beginning but we will absolutely make it one to remember. She will never know pain, hunger, cold ever again.

We have now named her Jilly, and you Jilly, my darling girl, are so very deserving of your rescue space and we can’t wait to fix things for you 😊

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