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Welcome Pebbles


This little lady is Pebbles and she was rehomed 2 years ago. Pebbles was with us for quite some time whilst we were getting her skin sorted. She suffered with allergies but after a number of months, she was all set and her home was found. Unfortunately due to a family bereavement and financial pressures Pebbles was returned to us last week and we are shocked and heartbroken 😞

Pebbles has lost quite a lot of weight and has obvious eye problems. She hadn’t been getting her skin meds so we are back to getting on top of that. She is now totally blind, due to her eyes being so bulbous and with so many scratches on the surface, so she now has a specialist referral for Earlswood, to see if there is pressure behind the eyes causing them to bulge. Thankfully her bloods are good, infact, great for her age of 11/12 years old, so we know there isn’t any underlying health issues.

When we rehome a dog we review applications, vet applicants, do home checks etc but as with all rescues we have to place a huge amount of trust in the new family to look after our babies. We trust they will make their lives better and dote on them forever. We're always just a message away if there are any problems. This isn’t about bashing anyone this is just transparency and we always try our best to be as honest as we possibly can.

Pebbles was a firm favourite amongst us all, a great all-rounder, she loves dogs & kids and everyone she meets. We will have her back to her old self very soon ❤️

Welcome back Pebbles 🤗

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