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Welcome Sky


This little angel is Sky. She isn’t even a year old and has spent her most of her life at the end of a chain. Look at her wee worried face 🥺

Unfortunately this a common story for ‘farm dogs’ in this part of the world and Sky is just a product of that shit life 😡

Sky was taken a month ago from her life on a chain, and due to Sky being so mentally broken, the lovely folk that saved her just knew they wouldn’t have the experience or ability to help her so she has come to us and we are grateful to them for that decision.

Sky is just a wee broken soul. Terrified, won’t look at you just wanted to be invisible with no idea what is going to happen bless her 💔

Sky is now in foster and has just come into heat but she is doing the best she can. We know it’s going to be a process but we aren’t in a rush, so this little pet can take her time and be assured she will never be in danger again ❤️

Sky will receive any outstanding medical work when her heat is over ✔

As always we are asking for any donations towards our cause to help animals like Sky. If you can help please select any of our donation links below ⬇️

➡️Contact our vets Vets4Pets Crescent Link in person or via phone on 02871314420

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