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Welcome Tess


This wee pet is Tess, she is 11 years old and her wee world has been turned upside down πŸ’”

Unfortunately Tess’ owner passed away and she has taken it really bad. She couldn’t breathe with pure stress, her wee eyes were rolling in her head. She just wants her wee life back. Today we travelled to get her and she needed some mediation for the journey, but understandably she was still anxious about what was happening 😞

She is now in foster and up until now it has all been lovely rescue ladies looking after her, but her owner was a man and her fosters partner seems to be settling her which is brilliant. She ate her dinner and even gave a tail wag so we are hoping we can get her comfortable enough to be happy again πŸ™πŸ»

Tess will be vet checked when she settles βœ”οΈ

If you can help with our ever rising vet bills please contact our vets Vets4Pets Crescent Link in person or via phone on 02871314420 or click our PayPal link below ⬇️

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